The History of Sabre Paints

The History of Sabre Paints

In 1979 the late Karel Strydom and Peter Jennings formed Sabre Paints after recognising the needs of professional paint contractors. They laid the foundations for Sabre’s reputation as a company of true quality in every respect.


Charl Strydom joined the company in its early years and later acquired it from Karel and Peter when they retired. He was later joined by the company’s then auditor, Kobus Pool.


In recent years Werner Schmidt, Karel Strydom (jnr) and Johan Batist joined the management team.


After our initial focus on professional paint contractors we have developed strong relationships with property developers and managers. We have also responded to the demand from the DIY market.


We have broadened our image as a paint company that produces quality products by developing our reputation for committed service excellence.

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